A healthy life is not just about living but living in a total good condition that gives effect to a long life. The cost and energy of maintaining a pet are much greater than getting the pet in the first place; Little wonder why some anxiety-filled pet lovers end up selling their pets after the first three months.

However, it’s compulsory for all pet owners to provide the necessary requirements for their pets to maintain their features.  The saying, “how you lay your bed so you lie on it,” is thereby applicable in this concept – “ the percentage of care given to your pets will tell on its feature, looks and how healthy it will be.”  

It is the proper responsibility of every owner to provide a conducive environment; a good diet and companionship for their pets to make them happy, safe and healthy.

Below are tips and ideas to give your pet the best and most effective care.

1. Exercise Enables A Healthy Body

There are several health benefits associated with exercising your pet, which will help to increase its lifespan and to stay healthy.

Just like humans need exercise to stay in good health; pets also need exercise to be more productive and stay out of health challenges.  If your pets stay indoors all day, there is a tendency it will become overweight, which can cause a serious health problem like, liver disease, osteoarthritis or cardiovascular disease.

According to the Association for pet obesity prevention. An estimated 59 percent of cats and 54 percent of dogs in the United States are overweight or obese.

It’s absolutely advisable to at least exercise your pet once in a day to prevent it from having unnecessary health issues. 

2. A Good Diet Is The Key To Healthy Living

The feed you give your pet will determine its growth, and how healthy it will be. It is best to feed your pets with a high-quality feed that contains all necessary vitamins and minerals. 

The proper nutrient your pets need is a particular combination of vitamins, protein-carbohydrate, minerals, fat, and water. With all this included in your pet feed, it will help your pets to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

Feed your pet according to its age – there are different foods design for pets at different age stages, make sure to the food that suits the age of your pet. 

For instance,  a puppy should be fed three times a day while an adult dog can still take two times a day. 

It is advisable to give quality foods,  pets are the product of what they eat.

3. Vaccination Is The Route  To Strong Immunity

One of the best care you can give to your pet is to give all the necessary vaccines; to build its immune system against any viral disease.

Vaccinating your pets annually helps lessen the spread of infectious diseases throughout pet populations. Vaccinating against zoonotic diseases such as Rabies and Leptospirosis not only protects your pet but you as well. A little prevention can save you dollars in treatment and extend the life of your pet.

The viral disease can sometimes be serious and dangerous to your pet’s life; it’s part of what you should take as a priority and make sure you vaccinate your pets at all costs to prevent your pet’s life. Visit your doctor regularly to know your pet’s vaccination schedule so as not to miss a shot.

4. Bath And Groom Your Pet  When Required

Would you ever wear the same pair of socks without washing them for a month or longer?  Would you ever go without washing your own hair for a month? I assume that no, you would not.   

Then why should we make our dogs go weeks or even months without giving them a bath?

Dog bathing is one of the primary ways to care for your pets; bathing removes dirt, odor and prevents your pets from having skin infection of irritation. 

It is advisable to bathe your pet once in a week to prevent stripping of hairs. Bathing your pet makes it happy, healthier and stronger. 

Grooming your pets after bathing brings out its beauty; it also allows you to check for abnormalities or see if there is any external parasite on the skin of your pet such as ticks, mange, and fleas.

5. Provide A Good Environment For Your Pet

A clean environment allows your pet to live a disease-free life. Here are some basic ways to provide a good and conducive environment for your pets.

  • Clean your pet stool regularly
  • Supply clean water for your pet
  • Remove any object that can affect your pet
  • Fumigate your pet environment once in a month to eliminate any external parasite  

Make sure the size and temperature of any place you leave your dog (including your vehicle) are appropriate.

Dogs are particularly vulnerable to heat stress which can quickly become serious and result in death. In hot weather, they rapidly become distressed when enclosed in areas such as conservatories, cars and small kennels.

6. Take Your Pets For a Checkup

It’s important to take your pets for check up on a regular basis, to know if any illness or any unobserved infection is present. As pets can’t talk, it is paramount that you take every possible measure to make sure it’s in perfect health. 

Taking your pet to a doctor shouldn’t be everyday activities if there is no sudden signs or symptoms that need to be attended to immediately. 

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