Do you know that obesity is one of the hazardous disease that leads to early death in dogs? Wait! You said what?

54 percent of nation dogs are overweight, many dogs have lost their lives or leading to several worsen health conditions.

In fact, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, an estimate of 56 percent of dogs in the US are obese which has been getting steadily worse leading to the loss of many dog’s life.

As of results globally, over 33 percent of consumers are dog owners. However, due to the anxiety for dog growth, numerous dog owners are unaware of the in-depth health implications of obesity.

The biggest problem is that by the time most people recognize the condition, it’s often too late. Bringing a dog from obesity to its ideal weight might seem daunting and confusing.

Obesity in dogs.

However, in case your dog is obsessed, there is a solution!

Below, therefore, are ways to safely and effectively save your dog from obesity.

Change Feeding Strategy

This the act of calculating the amount and knowing the kind of food to give your dog. However, it helps a long way to assist in losing weight.

Alex German, Study Co-author and Professor of Small Animal Medicine at the University of Liverpool, UK. Said: “out of dog owners, 10 percent measure food they give their pet, but 90 percent don’t give a look to measure food”.

True, many dog owners don’t know the implication of feeding their dogs more. Many believe that feeding dogs increase the affection and love of the dog to them. Meanwhile, owners are often unaware that their dog is overweight, and many may not realize the impact that it can have on the dog’s health.

Increase Dietary Protein  

Preventing obesity is the most essential to develop and maintain the dog’s health and satiety so a dog can feel healthy.

In terms of fat reduction, the energy nutritive source required for a dog is dietary protein. Dog’s grow vigorously on a high protein to develop lean muscles to help in the absorption of fats.

A Study reviewed, an increase in dietary protein helps maintain muscle tissues in dogs for weight loss as suggested that 75-gram per 1,000 calories are amount needed to maintain a lean body.

Purina study also estimates the effect of dietary protein in 8-year-old Pointers fed over two years. The low-protein group lost about 6.2 percent of their lean body mass and showed an increase in fat mass. However, there would have been a fat loss if the rate of protein is high.

Increase Dogs Exercise Activity

Exercising an obese dog is the simplest way to burn calories and fats. It is a medium to increase fat loss in an obsessed dog as it improves dog muscle tone, metabolism, and weight. Dog constant in exercise is more likely to live longer and unlikely to suffer from all pains and diseases caused by obesity. 

However, provide at least 30 minutes of exercise such as walking, treadmill, playing fetch, swimming, and many more every day for your dog to promote weight loss.

Admit Medical Anti-obesity Medicines 

An important aspect of fighting dog obesity that must not be missed by dog owners is the use of medicines. A number of studies assessed weight loss protocols in a clinical setting, but few examined success in terms of completion rates. Why few? well, due to the fact that drug companies find it late to provide medicine to fight against dog obesity.

Medicine’s importance is very essential and it is a form of an indispensable component of the health system in preventing obesity.

Just as when humans tend to be in bad health conditions requiring them to use specific medicine to cure themselves and get healthy quick so as a dog needs medicine to live an obesity free life.

However, it is highly imperative for you to admit such obsessed dog with medicines that fight against obesity for the prevention of several diseases and death.

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