Everyday English Conversations Practice : Lesson 26 – At the Pet Store

The time of coronavirus really has come with so many restrictions. Would you mind sharing in the comment box how you reacted when the news pops up: “There is no evidence that companion pets such as dogs or cats can be infected with the virus. However, it is always a good idea to wash your hands with soap and water after contact with pets.” There goes, the big smile coming again. Your pet won’t get coronavirus, so hug them tight away.

Well, the world today has been scary when it comes to leaving your house. But are pet shops still open during coronavirus restrictions? Yes! What you need is getting there safely. The pet shop is a no to quit visiting area. You cant stop visiting the pet shop, majorly for the healthy living of our pet. And that’s why it is not restricted to be lockdown.

Pet shops are still permitted to trade during coronavirus restrictions. But some shops may be closed as a personal decision on the part of their owners, and as coronavirus continues to spread and affect more people, other shops may struggle to stay open or have to offer a limited service.

All that matters now is your safety, so how can you visit a pet shop safely at this moment?

1. You could Order Online Where Possible

E-commerce really has been the safest store at the moment. All you’ll do is pick up the mobile, your connection ready and get into the internet. You don’t have to be in a pet building before you feel you’re visiting a pet store. Make the order of what your pet needs, only visit a pet shop if this is totally necessary. If you know what goods you need, get to order them online for home delivery, do this instead and avoid a trip outside of the home.

2. Leave your Pet at home If You Must Get to the Shop

Pet shops usually let pets in, but many have stopped this during the restrictions. Even if the store you wish to visit still let pets in, leave your pet at home. For an instance, Dogs can’t catch and pass on COVID 19 coronavirus, but they can potentially carry it on their fur; plus, having your pet with you increases the chances of infecting you and contact with other people, which should be avoided. Just let your pet stay at home, Afterall, we are talking about safety.

3. Don’t Give Attention To other people’s Pet While on Your Way

Don’t get close, Don’t give attention, at this time you might not necessarily need to show how much you love pets. On a related note, it can be really hard not to treat with affection other people’s pets you see out and about. But if there are, try not to give attention, and avoid contact with them too.

4. Practice Social Distancing and Follow Instructions

Stay six feet away from other shoppers and staff unless this is completely unavoidable. Also, heed and follow signs and instructions from shop staff, such as the distance to keep when queuing or keeping marked lines between you and other shoppers.

5. Try to Avoid Climax Times

These days, the first hour or so when shops open is often the busiest, mostly to shops that have made the change to close early and so try to avoid contributing to this and go later on in the day.

6. Pay Using a Card or Contactless Payment

Many pet shops will only accept card or contactless payments at this time, to avoid the need for staff to handle cash, or to have hand-to-hand contact with other people. Which stimulates a safer mode of getting infected. Even if the pet shop you visit is accepting cash payments, try to pay by a card or contactless methods where possible.

7. Hand Wash and Sanitize

Sanitizing your hands before you entering the store is also important. Immediately you’ve gotten home safely, it advisable also to wash your hand well with antiseptic soaps. However, not just to wash anywhere, the best place is the toilet sink which is easily flushed.


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