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We are pet lovers, so we understand exactly what it takes to care for the wellbeing of these pets. 

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How Health For Pet Magazine Blog Can Help You

We are here to provide you with the best information to help your beautiful dog and cat live that healthy and happy life you’ve always wanted.

Health For Pet Magazine is not just a blog. 

We are more than a blog because most of the information we share reflects through our daily lives. Most of our information is based on life experiences and encounters by our team members.

We are a group of experts who are not just pet lovers, but people who take it as a sign of responsibility to study and have deep knowledge of animal wellness. Most of our team members are animal health technologists, animal production technologist and veterinary doctors.

This makes it easy for us to give you insightful content that will improve the wellness of your pet. So if you are looking for a place to find useful information about your beautiful fur companion, you are on the right platform.

We understand that not all solutions are right for everyone or every animal, so we keep an open mind to find the best path for each situation and trust that you will make the best decisions for your family.

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Meet The Team

Tobi Ogundele - Founder & CEO

Tobi Ogundele is the founder and CEO of Healthforpetmagazine.com.

Tobi Ogundele is an Animal health and production technologist with decades of experience, he created Health For Pet Magazine out of his love for animals. He has handled several dogs in the past and still going more into dog breeding. He specialized in dog grooming, washing and dog walking.

Tobi Ogundele is an experienced SEO specialist with exceptional skill in link building through guest blogging, his work has been seen on top publications likeTweakyourbiz, Thriveglobal.com, Lerablog.org, Marketwatch, Wealthygorilla.com, Travelblog.org, Perfect motivations inc. To mention but a few. 

Asides from Health For Pet Magazine, Tobi Ogundele is also the content adviser at Perfect Motivations Inc and a council member of  SEOorNothing.com

He is responsible for managerial decision making, as he coordinates other team members to allow effective productivity and accountability of partnership and client. However, all contents pass through his dashboard for proper editing and clarification before going live on Health For Pet Magazine.

Chief Adviser

Dr. Olumide

Dr. Olumide is a veterinary surgeon with decades of experience providing indispensable and vital treatment for animals. He has saved and rescued lots of domesticated pets suffering from several diseases by putting them in a good health conditional state. 

He owns Orbit veterinary clinic where he attends to several animal issues. His clinic is located at the shopping complex opposite Aladeowo Estate, along Abeokuta road  Ibadan Nigeria.

He is the chief adviser at Health For Pet Magazines, he gives advice on critical pet issues and tips on animal wellness. 

System Support Specialist

James Chukwu

James is an experienced animal health technologist. He has handled several cases of dog issues, he is specialized in dog grooming, washing and dog walking.

He is responsible for the technical support system at Health For Pet Magazine

Content Adviser

Adedeji Omotayo

Adedeji is an Animal scientist, he loves doing research and getting new information on animals, especially on dogs. He is specialized in dog grooming, washing and dog walking.

He is a good creative manager, he helps in researching and anthologizing resources at Health For Pet Magazine

Chief Editor

Israel Orhatokai

Israel is an experienced animal health technologist, He is dedicated to finding resourceful information to help pets live their best lives.  He also specialized in dog grooming, washing and dog walking.

He is the chief editor at Health For Pet Magazine.

CRM Officer:

Bernice Ojo

Bernice Ojo is an Animal health and production technologist, she believes that animals deserve the best life and not to be handled anyhow.

She is responsible for Client relationship Management, CRM at Health For Pet Magazin. Her responsibility is to make sure our client is always smiling.